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Allie Andrews

​Certified Personal Trainer

little over two years ago now Allie reached her breaking point. She was unhappy with her health and physique and wanted a change. Finally, she went and joined a gym and absolutely fell in love with the whole process. She became addicted to seeing results and wanted to share this experience with others.

After a year of training consistently almost every day, Allie decided to get her Personal Trainers Certification (NAFC) before the new year 2020. As we all know 2020 has been an unforgettable year so far for many. Allie did not let the pandemic and quarantine stop her and her love for fitness and helping others. She decided to make her own at home workout plan for all body types. The women who purchased her program saw incredible results within weeks! Allie's biggest passion is helping others achieve their goals and their desired physique. She’s always so positive and motivating and she will hold you accountable! We’re so happy to have Allie continue her fitness journey with us here at 1MR!​​​​​​