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Choosing to make a commitment to yourself, your health, and your body is a big life change that can be intimidating, but check out all of these 1MR Clients who were once in the same position as you!

Mikey Schavolsky

My 10 year old son trains with Chris for football and he loves it.  Chris works with Jim very well and pushed him the way he should be as a 10 year old athlete.  I highly recommend him.

Michele Thompson

Chris has been working with my son for a little over a year in strength and conditioning along with wide receiver skills.  Chris is very passionate and knowledgable.  He has set personalized goals for my son and motivated him to exceed each goal.  Not only has my son’s strength, speed, and weight increased, his mental and physical capacity as a wide receiver developed tremendously.  We owe all this to Chris sand are looking forward to many more years to come with him.

Chris Vandernoth

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality.  My daughters have been working with Chris for over a year now, and have continuously sent girls from my daughters travel softball team to him.  He knows how to connect with his clients and gets the most out of them in each session.  His workouts are always well thought out and sport specific.  I have seen their speed, strength, and fitness completely improve since we have started with him.  He is also just a great guy who explains the reasoning why he is doing certain drills and exercises.  Highly recommended to get the most of of your athlete and team.

Chris Bardi

When Chris started his business, my son was one of the first athletes he took under his wing. The dedication Chris has with every one of his athletes is outstanding. Chris and his staff go out of their way to make sure each athlete works to their top performance. His training and instruction are at another level. As an 11 year old, my son hit 6 home runs. While working with Chris during the off season, at 12 years old my son hit 73 home runs. You can’t ask for better results than that!

Fationa Mamo

She helped me lose the weight I couldn’t lose, eat the food I was afraid to eat and in turn without even realizing it she became one of the most influential people for molding the positive mindset that I have now: that I am a warrior, that I am strong, that we have to work hard to get what we want in life, that we need dedication and consistency and strength, that we will fall and we may fail but we can always get back up. That is the kind of role Kelly plays in your life and without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Fationa lost over 50 lbs!

Becki Stenger

Kelly is always enthusiastic and points out progress you may not see yourself. I feel like I gained a best friend in the process.

Anthony Marinaccio

Anthony lost 20lbs in just 12 weeks through utilizing his custom-designed day to day meal plan.

Andrew Mashkow

Andrew lost 22lbs in 15 weeks through utilizing his custom-designed meal plans, Group HIIT Classes each week, and one-on-one personal training.

Megan Moore

Kelly is an amazing trainer and coach. She helped me shift my body composition proficiently, healthy & quickly. I loved the meal plans (everything from beyond meat burgers to pizza to tofu scrambles) and workouts, plus anytime I had a question or needed help, she was always there. If you’re looking for a coach that is motivating, professional & badass, look no further. Kelly will get you in the best shape (physically & mentally) of your life! Thanks Kelly!

Danielle Liotta

I began working with Kelly 1.5 months ago and I could not be happier with the results I have experienced. Kelly helped me not only shift my composition, she's also taught me how to think about food and use it as the tool that it is to get the results I want. Since working with her, I get to eat more food than I have ever imagined while drastically shifting my body composition. She's made it easy, manageable and fun. Kelly makes herself available for quick or involved questions, is super sweet and so intelligent. I never believed food would be anything to me other than something to restrict, control and be worried about. No longer. Not only has my body changed, my mentality about food has changed as well and it is so freeing. I am so grateful to have found her. Thank you Kelly!

Kylie Moore

Shredding for the wedding!
I have been training with Kelly since July and I just have to say that not only have I never met a more compassionate trainer in my life but she is just a genuine person in general, and wants the absolute best for her clients! I have followed a plant based life style for about 15 years and always struggled to find a trainer who I not only aligned with nutritionally but someone who understands the goals i am trying to reach with my specific body shape, but Kelly just GETS IT. She has literally customized and molded the perfect exercise and meal plan for my lifestyle/schedule which has been so significant and healing to my “commitment issues.” This plan for me is so tailor fit for my needs, that I literally cannot find one excuse to not commit that day, even if I wanted to. The best part of all of this is how She can get you to your goals in such a positive uplifting manner. Thank you Kelly!! 💜

Kira Moon

You get results FAST....skip the diets, the fads....if you're serious about getting in shape....this is the place for you! I have to say... if you want to tone, lose inches and feel good...1MR is the place for you! I used to see nutritionist some years back and in 1 month with him I lost a 1/2 inch on my tummy!! proof positive! Kelly is an OUTSTANDING Personal Trainer... so get off ya butts and get on down to will NOT be disappointed with the results ;)

Aimee Biernacki

1MR Is your one stop shop for any health and fitness needs; from group classes to one on one training to meal plans they do it all. Kelly is an amazing and inspiring trainer who is able to gauge your current skill level and tailor each program to your specific needs all while pushing you to your greatest extent and helping you reach your goals.

Caitlin Pecora

Kelly not only pushes me to my full potential, but motivates and inspires me every workout. I've been training with Kelly on and off since 2015 and she has always been a great coach, a great motivator and a wonderful friend. Kelly targets every muscle for an intense workout. I never leave feeling like I didn't accomplish my workout goals. And she always improvises my workouts if I pull a muscle or cannot lift as much. Overall, she deserves a 10 star but the rating only goes up to 5.

Kelly Charron

Kelly lost over 70 lbs! Legally deemed "disabled" when she first came in to work with Coach Kelly, her goals were to become able-bodied, lose weight, and gain confidence. She is now back on her feet working and feeling STRONG, while over 70lbs down in weight!